Dragondyne PublishingNeverwhen Roleplaying Game


Neverwhen is a table-top roleplaying game that uses the Pathfinder® roleplaying game system to allow gamemasters and players to combine any genres within their campaigns and games. The system allows the combination of these multiple genres such as horror, science fiction, steampunk, sword and sorcery interaction in a fluid manner.

Your adventurers can travel throughout many realms seeking fame and glory. Mix magic with technology; explore any worlds you can imagine.

Orc Cab DriverNeverwhen is designed to allow gamemasters and players to combine any of their favorite genres into the campaign. Neverwhen is more than a toolkit, including a rich history and storyline that can be incorporated into any campaign. Tie adventures together with a companion that allows you to bring sword and sorcery, science fiction, space travel and soon, Mechs! Explore Post Apocalyptic worlds and places were technology and magic meet. Journey through the gates to the city of Manzala and the universe of Neverwhen.

Neverwhen includes

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