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The Neverwhen campaign setting lets you go anywhere and play any type of character you have ever dreamed of. It is simple enough for a new player, but also has a lot for a veteran player to enjoy. If you have never played a tabletop role-playing game before, you will love playing Neverwhen. Your characters are only limited by the extent of your imagination.

If you have been playing for a long time, Neverwhen gives you new classes, races, and feats to enrich your gaming experience. The Wound system in Neverwhen gives the character a more “life like” feel, and with the Edges and Hindrances, you can give your character any kind of personality you want, from a fun loving troublemaker to a serious veteran fighter and anything in between.

For gamemasters, Neverwhen will allow you to add new elements to your campaign ranging from psionics to mutations, cybernetics to new magic abilities. Add in a new level of breadth and dimension that will really excite your players. Have your players ever wondered what a tank can really do in a fantasy campaign? Have you ever wondered how a druid would react in our modern day city? Ever thought what would happen if you turned off all the power in the world today and how would your players survive? Well now you can do just that and have everything you need to bring those new stories to life.

Go wherever your imagination takes you. Use the gates located in the amazing city of Manzala to travel to any worlds with any combination of genres that you can imagine.


Included in the Neverwhen books are:

Neverwhen D20 Handbook   Neverwhen Pathfinder<sup>®</sup> Handbook   Neverwhen Starships Expansion  
Neverwhen d20 (D&D 3.5)
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  Neverwhen (Pathfinder®)
PDF $29.99
  Neverwhen Starships
PDF $24.99
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  Mecha     Fire in the Night Adventure
  Neverwhen Mecha
PDF $24.99
    NEW! Fire in the Night
PDF $9.99



Her eyes narrowed as she spotted the spaceship. The battle worn hull of the starjammer was looking majestic against the sun. The sail was fully extended to take advantage of the solar winds. Her tail twitched slightly as she examined the control panel, the lights were all normal. Normal except the check engine light. But the shuttlecraft had always said that. She caught her reflection in the windshield, she was always proud of the stripes that ringed her cheeks, her neck, and down to her tail. She fiddled her ears about, moving them back and forth, trying to figure out the most serious look.

The ship came back into view, in all its beautiful glory. As her ship got closer she could read the name on the hull. "Mag'linz Reven'ge. " The radio crackled to life "Captain Vo'llt'ur, Welcome home!"

Neverwhen: Starships is a must-have companion volume to the Neverwhen rulebook.

Neverwhen: Starships is an all-in-one reference for starship combat, design and operation. Included as well are new classes, gear and races. This volume allows gamemasters and players to take their campaigns to another level. Neverwhen: Starships includes:


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